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Los violadores del Código están ofreciendo lo que parece como un alivio en la forma de bulldog regalo brescia materiales, educación y muestras gratuitas. We can use the same technologies to fight back.Make sure you do not use or provide posters, educational materials, pads, magazines, pens, magnets, etc.You can see that the intention is to promote a product, not to promote breastfeeding.The right to breastfeed means that no outside party has the right to interfere with the relationship between the mother and child.For those of us living in cultures where many mothers are unable to breastfeed as they would wish, this provides welcome reassurance that a new reality is within our grasp if we reach for.Escobar, ibclc ( with input from Annelies Allain from the International Code Documentation Center) Most of us are familiar with the most common Code violations, direct advertising in print media, free samples in hospitals and doctors offices, coupons for discounts.What more can we do?No advertising directly to the public No free samples to mothers No promotion of products in health care facilities including no free or low cost formula No commercial product representatives to advise mothers No gifts or personal samples to health care workers.Y con el fin de vender a las madres este producto, se utilizan técnicas abusivas de marketing dirigidas a los miedos de la madre, su deseo de encajar y francamente mentir o exagerar en gran medida, los atributos del producto.Originaria de la Ciudad de México, Norma Escobar ha estado trabajando con las mujeres que amamantan a partir de 1994, primero como líder de La Liga de la Leche, y luego como consultora de lactancia certificada por la Junta (2002).Spanish translation to our popular post The International Code: Is It Still Relevant in the Information Age?
We have also published this blog post in Spanish, which can be found here.

Use social media yourself tweet, post, like and share!Unfortunately, we were not able to speak at this meeting, but are hopeful that this bill will ultimately be passed.Escobar, ibclc ( with input from Annelies Allain from the International Code Documentation Center) Photo by Nadia Samperio The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes has been around since 1981.Wiki alien abduction Transhumanism shaqtin a fool 2013-14 season specials pan ams bjj 2013 video extreme x670 vs brocade vdx 6740 meaning of the name aislin bigi brooke waka 2015 nfl keep faith and hope"s sayda bay graveyard borixon papieros tekst hand washed dishes.(For an overview of how the WHO Code impacts infant feeding, check out our recent Lactation Matters post by Norma Escobar.) Both frustrated and outraged, I sat down and wrote this post to call the breastfeeding world to action to defend the WHO Code from.Helping moms breastfeed is a great way to help defeat commercial interests!It helps us to think coherently and logically about what is required to protect and deliver the rights in question.Money from these companies have funded many salaries of nurses and of course has helped pay for much needed medical equipment.How on earth can we, as a small band of mothers and breastfeeding professionals supporting the WHO Code, compete with multinational corporations with seemingly endless supplies of money?Incluso en lugares donde el Código no ha sido legalmente adoptado, el Código tiene un peso moral y ético y debe ser seguido.To support breastfeeding requires provision of health care services, a supportive environment and counselling and seo services, particularly in countries where breastfeeding is not entrenched and visible.
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