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The GS and sport modes are integrated with the HiPer Strut front suspension - available on the front- and all-wheel-drive models - in addition to the H-arm rear suspension on GS models and the four-link rear system on the front-wheel drive models.
Gone is last year's horrible mess of buttons haphazardly festooned across the center stack, and in their place sits a much cleaner, more attractive design.
Under that is a clean, logically designed set of controls for the climate system, which is set off by a pair of capacitive-touch displays that manage the temperature of the dual-zone climate control and the heated seat functions, hiding them when not in use.Not having them standard is an indefensible omission, especially when they cost so little to add.The Regal GS is a capable all-weather entertainer that has looks and performance at a price that won't break the bank.Spending time at, circuit icar in Mirabel, Quebec, showed off the ability of the AWD system.The back of the Regal is accented by a chrome strip that runs nearly the width of the car, and it cuts right into the lightly smoked taillights.Cranking out 259 hp with 295 lb-ft of torque, the Regal GS AWD produces more horsepower than the.
In my experience, even driven briskly, 19 to 20 mpg was possible around metro Detroit.

Braking still receives a heavy dose of ABS input, although it was far more enjoyable around the course with the stability control off.Fuel Type, turbocharged Gas (N/A for GS n/A.My pace through the countryside was good, thanks to the AWD and my car being fitted with non-standard 19-inch Pirelli Sottozero winter tires.Somehow, despite its recent product renaissance (not to mention its distant yet storied history of performance models I was having a hard time believing that this attractive, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive sedan sliding around the Great White North could possibly be wearing a Tri-Shield frases para regalos de boda badge on its.Most notably, that's because the Regal doesn't bury its owner under the cost of optional add-ons like the Germans.The HiPer Struts adapt to bumps and ice patches with minimal transfer to the cabin.Vauxhall, insignia VXR and, opel, insignia OPC, featuring the same all-wheel-drive system with a stick.The GS, like many new cars, uses an electric power steering system.The AWD system proved amazing for commuting, showing no sideways shenanigans.

Volkswagen Golf R drive story, for instance, his ice capades were his first experience with the new model.
Four-piston, aluminum calipers and.6-inch vented rotors are mounted in front, while out back, there's a single-piston caliper and.4-inch vented rotors.
I'm admittedly not crazy about the vertical vents fixed to the front of the car, and agree with another journalist who suggested it makes this Regal look like a saber-toothed tiger.