Por primera vez, los científicos han logrado observar con telescopios y escuchar con ondas gravitacionales un mismo suceso: el choque de dos estrellas de neutrones, de unos veinte kilómetros de diámetro, a 130 millones de años luz.
Teófilo Cruz is the first player from the Americas to be inducted to the International basketball Hall of Fame?Antonia Novello, a native of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, was both the first female and the first Hispanic Surgeon General of the United States (1990-1993)?Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States since 1898?Beverley, the Interim Governor of Puerto Rico, to sign Ley 77 (Law 77) in May 1930, which established a Nurses Examining Board.Retrieved 10 December 2011.On June 10, 2014, the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Bill was signed by President Barack Obama, thus making the 65th Infantry Regiment the first military unit composed almost entirely of Puerto Ricans to receive such an honor?Obed Gómez, a Puerto Rican visual artist, is known as "The Puerto Rican Picasso"?Flamenco Beach located in Culebra was rated the second most beautiful beach in the world?Captain Manuel Rivera,., was the first Puerto Rican and.S.The Commander of the Cuban Liberation Army, General Juan Ríus Rivera, was a Puerto Rican who also participated in the Grito de Lares revolt?He was awarded an NBA Championship ring, even though he did not participate in the "Finals" because of his injuries.Knowing Our Roots: Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center (Esbozo histórico).El tiempo de atención puede ser hasta 48 horas, agradecemos tu paciencia y confianza en nosotros.69 As the number of Marine Aviators grew so did the avid desire to separate from Naval Aviation.
132 That Father Diego de Torres Vargas was the first person to write a book about the history of Puerto Rico?
Brigadier General Antonio Maldonado in 1965 became visa descuentos en shopping the youngest person to pilot a B-52 aircraft?

Puerto Rico ranks third crear una web para ganar dinero in the world with the most boxing champions in history, after the United States and Mexico?Orlando Figueroa Latina Women of nasa Hernandez-Pellerano Latina Women in nasa [email protected] LaRC Employees' Achievements nasa News dead link nasa News Brief History of THE cerro tololo inter-american observatory dead link Un Modelo de Vida (A role model in his lifetime) dead link Gyncare "Scientist.También entregamos en hospitales.103 Politics edit Juan Ponce de León II José María Marxuach Echavarría That.On May 6, 2004, Joseph.Villaronga (Ret.) was the first Puerto Rican to be elected as Mayor of a Texas city ( Killeen )?16 History edit Coat of Arms of Puerto Rico Statue of Juan Ponce de León Puerto Rican Flag (1892 version) The Revolutionary flag of Lares "The first Puerto Rican Flag" Jamestown route in a marker in Puerto Rico Puerto Rican flag removed by a member.
The mother of Juan Bosch, the former president of Dominican Republic, was Puerto Rican?
Military pilot and that after retiring from the military she became the first Latina to become a commercial airline captain?