While waiting sitting on a bench, Katina surprises him and they both sit down for some catch up time.
Genero: Romance, año: 2012, idioma: Latino, país Spain, calidad: HD-Rip.
As soon as he gets there he receives a call, turns out Katina (.Katina asks Hache if he has missed Babi (.Fernando González Molina, starring, mario Casas, the sequel to, tres metros sobre el cielo (Three Metres Above Heaven).She takes him to the house she always dreamed it was hers and where they made love the first time, they end up making love on the sand.Titulo Latino: Tengo ganas.Hache is shown at the exhibition and realizes that Gin has known him from before, and that she has been taking pictures of him for a long time.It was shot in Barcelona between October 28 and December 30, 2012.While giggling she explains to him that the motorcycle was in front and accidentally fell.Lucho Fernandez ) who tells him that things have changed.Hache, in a state of immense pain, races off on his motorcycle and Katina tries to stop him.Tendrá que elegir entre Babi y Gin.acaso podrá el primer amor romper cualquier esquema?Gin follows Hache to a gas station and when he goes into the store, she accidentally hits his bike.I Want You spanish : Tengo ganas de ti ) is a 2012 Spanish drama film directed.Hache and Gin become a happy couple once again.Weeks pass, Gin has a photography exhibition and all the pictures revolve around Hache.They go out to eat with Luque (.
The night of the premiere of the television show, Gin is ready to perform when Hache tells her that there is something that he must do first.

Daniela is seen remembering that along her taxi Hache was riding his motorcycle.Titulo Original: Tengo ganas.Hache mario Casas ) flies back to Barcelona after spending two years in London, trying to forget his first love and Pollo's ( Álvaro Cervantes ) death, his best friend.In the end of the race each rider exchanges motorcycles.When he gets to the after party of the premier of the show, other dancers tell him that they saw her walk through the corridors of the dressing rooms.Meanwhile, Gin finishes her performance and goes on to look for Hache.She walks away, breaking ties.Hache goes to see her and she tells him he can help her 'fix this disaster and if they work at it that maybe they'll turn out fine.Pero tarde o temprano tendrá que encontrarse de nuevo con Babi (.A vinos personalizados para regalos df brawl breaks out but is immediately stopped by Gin and company.She begs him to give her the keys back and threatens to call the police, he turns around and tells her to call the police to see if her situation will get better.
Mario Casas pero éste no puede olvidar a su antigua novia, Babi (María Valverde).
She giggles and questions him what real name is behind the letter, by mentioning a few.