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Today I want you, today I want you.
"Alejandro Fernandez - Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti Lyrics" (in Spanish).
11 Another contributor to the website opined that Aguilera's performance "subsequently rendered all other Spanish language music irrelevant upon its release." 12 Perez Hilton praised the song for emphasizing the "power, feeling and all the right touches in all the right places." 13 At the.Problems playing this file?"Alejandro Fernández estrena nuevo sencillo: "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" a dueto con Christina Aguilera".Quiero apagar en tus labios la sed de mi alma y descubrir el amor juntos cada mañana hoy tengo ganas de ti, hoy tengo ganas.I really enjoy "Miguel Gallardo" voice and performance.Production of their rendition was handled by Phil Ramone.
35 It was released as the second single from the album and a music video for the song was filmed in New York City, New York.
40 It also peaked at number one in Venezuela on the Record Report Top 100 chart.

This version was the last production done by Phil Ramone shortly before his death.The song, "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti was selected as the lead single from the album."Christina Aguilera's New Video: Is It Too Much?".El Nuevo descuentos para restaurante ginos Día (in Spanish).Today I'm in the mood for you, today I'm in the mood for you.Quiero en tus manos abiertas buscar mi camino / In your open arms i want to find my way y que te sientas mujer solamente conmigo / and i want you to feel like a woman only with me hoy tengo ganas de ti, hoy.Terra Networks (in Spanish)."Alejandro Fernández Christina Aguliera "Hoy tengo ganas de ti" (Video Premiere.Erwin, fuiste ave de paso / You were a passing bird y no se por que razón / and i don't know for what reason me fuí acostumbrando cada día mas a tí / I got used every day more to you.Thanks in advance for your time and help. 08:01 PM #1 English Traslation Please: Hoy Tengo Ganas.
There is nothing sadder than pain and silence nothing more bitter that knowing that I lost you today I search in the night for the sound of your voice and the place where you hide to fill you with me, to fill me with you.
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